Data Center

Of course, we don’t own an entire data center, but we work very closely with a provider from Bavaria who we have had great experience with, and we are in close contact with the technicians in the data center.

The TIER 3 data center meets all necessary security and performance standards, and has been running interference-free for more than six years. 


  • Modern infrastructure and components, in compliance with GDPR (EU General Data Protection Requirement)
  • Intrusion alarm system with classification and hierarchies
  • High security standards
  • Comprehenive grounding system and lightning protection, in accordance with VDE regulations, with controlled low leakage resistance
  • Redundant IP connection 
  • Highly available climate and energy systems
  • Power for protection against emissions and infrastructure components are supplied by green energy
  • Professional 24/7 facility management
100% green electricity supply from hydropower.


  • Certified according to ISO/IEC 27001 
  • 24 x 365/366 security
  • Restricted access via single access entry system
  • Access only with fingerprint and palm vein scan
  • F90 fireproof walls and doors
  • Gaseous fire suppression (type: INERGEN)
  • Building with enclosing surfaces in F90 qualityEmergency concept in accordance with SLA escalation management